About us



KAVIL, Kerala Aqua Ventures International Limited is a Government of Kerala Undertaking. KAVIL offer a common platform for domestic marketing, export and import of fish. The fish for marketing is sourced from mass farming of good quality ornamental fishes from fish culture units all over Kerala. KAVIL contributes to the income and employment of the ornamental fish farmers and thereby the development of the ornamental fisheries by way of production, distribution and trade of aquarium fishes, aquarium tanks, aquatic plants, fish feed and other accessories. The fishes produced through Homestead Ornamental fish Units (HOU), medium and large farms registered with KAVIL and other units are collected observing strict quarantine and quality assessment protocols, conditioned and marketed by KAVIL.


Ecologically sustainable, economically viable, socially inclusive, technologically outstanding and responsible ornamental fisheries and trade that promote quality and beauty of fishes to meet the international standards and consumer preference, livelihood to small scale farmers, economic prosperity to entrepreneurs, traders and exporters and socio- economic development of the nation.


  • Establish homestead units, medium scale units and integrated units for production of ornamental fishes in prioritized and general sectors and provide income and employment.
  • Promote eco-friendly capture of Indigenous ornamental marine and fresh water ornamental fishes under green certification protocols and procedures for sustainable development.
  • Establish brood bank for quality enhancement of exotic and indigenous ornamental fishes and reduce inbreeding depression.
  • Provide infrastructure and other support services for large scale domestic and export trade of ornamental fishes.
  • Promote orientation, training, technology upgradation and skill development programmes for beneficiaries.


For setting up Commercial and Residential ornamental fish farming units and technical support