KAVIL is a dynamic interface between ornamental fish farmers and the domestic and international ornamental fish markets. During the period from 2009-10 to 2020-21 KAVIL provided marketing support and enhanced trade of ornamental fishes to the tune of Rupees 69.35 lakhs to the ornamental fish farmers. The income generated through the trade reaches to the grass root level production units which can be further increased to many folds on judicious interventions

KAVIL was established to offer a common platform for the ornamental fish farmers of Kerala to market and export their output and also obtain services of training, financial assistance and aquatic animal health services. KAVIL from the time of its inception has been able to support large number of ornamental fish farmers in Kerala with regards to ornamental fish production, livelihood, trainings and quality testing. In India production is not sufficient even for the domestic markets. In the directions of KAVIL, Ornamental fish farmers in different parts of Kerala breed the much-demanded ornamental fish varieties to marketable size. KAVIL procure marketable fish with good quality and colour from these units and market to all states of India and also International markets.

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